Trip to Mars

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As I got  ready to leave for Mars my mom ,Adrienne, Libby, Mina, and me packed clothes ,extra food ,pillows , blankets so we can  eat and sleep. We even have to wear clothes under our space suites. We go get the spaceship and we head of to Mars.

When  we  landed  on Mars we put on our space suites on, it was fun  because  we started floating around .When  I looked  behind a rock and I saw a alien, it looked sad .

I walked up to it and I said” what’s the matter.

She said” nothing I just don’t have anyone to play with.

I said “I’ll Play with you. So we started to play hide and seek, I was it and she went to go hide I got to find her and I asked her “what’s the name.”

She said” my name is Eliza.”

She asked me “What is your name?”

I said “my name is Tori .It was nice meeting you “

My mom called me in to eat and for me to go play outside if I still wanted to, so I did. Whenever I didn’t want to play anymore so we left and we got home I told my dad and my brothers all about it .I really had fun.

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2 responses to “Trip to Mars

  1. U need 2 add more action.

  2. I really liked how you had voice in your story beacause you told us how the alien felt and when your mom said it was time to eat

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