Girlsinblue Floating down the river

Alcoholic Killer Whale
Image by stretchdog via Flickr


Floating down the river

As we drove down the dirt road we heard our friends calling us they were all laughing very hard. As my mom, my dad, my brother and I got out of our car we were all walking down the dirt path and all of the sudden everybody steps in a big hole, of course it was fun to us so when we fell we all started laughing. So we got in our canoe until we got to the middle of the river and the canoe started to tip then the whole canoe tipped. In the distance far away I saw a killer whale.

The whale started swimming near, it came up out of the water right in front of me, the killer whale let me touch him, the whales skin was smooth.

Then I started acting like a girly-girl, then everybody laughed. When I say laughed I mean laughed LOUDLY, really loud. At first we were all swimming in short and tanktops. So we get out of the water and put our swimsuits on and go farther out into the water. The middle was really deep.

After a while we sat around the campfire we roasted marshmallows, ate chocolate. And of course we fell asleep for 2 hours.

When we all woke up 30 minutes after we woke up I requested that we go swimming. Everybody said, ”Let’s go.”

My mom and I made up a saying “The farther you go the more fun it gets.” But that is our opinion. To us going out deep is really fun. Except when your foot gets tangled up in seaweed. That Is not very fun. My mom and I like water creatures  like scorpions, crabs and different kinds of little fishes.

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3 responses to “Girlsinblue Floating down the river

  1. That was very long and interesting.what a great story!!!!!

  2. I like when you saw the whale in distance

  3. The story is very interesting ,it is very enthusiastic,and exciting.One thing I would like to suggest that you use some similies.

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