Falling Down the Red River

Tambo River
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Sworddancer                                                                                                                                                  November

Falling Down the Red River

We were floating down the Red river, we all started to fall. This will be our last thing we ever see because we were falling 50 yards high! The river’s waves were huge. We were all getting wet. We were falling so fast like we couldn’t control our-self’s.

We were panicking because the rocks were ragged and razor. If we don’t slow down and won’t a little below the ground, the Red River is going to be our grave!

My class and I were falling faster than ever. We were running out of time.

Suddenly our parents saw us falling. There tall trees and the branches are too. I found some strong rope in my backpack. I said, “Everybody hold hands or else if you don’t this will get ugly”.

Everybody quickly hold hands. I got my rope and try to rap it on the branch, but we were falling to fast. 30 yards left. I threw the rope, and it caught the branch.

We were too heavy for the branch, and it snapped! We were falling again! 20 yards to go. Suddenly at 5 yards to go, a gust of wind blew us toward the ground, and landed on the ground safely.

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5 responses to “Falling Down the Red River

  1. The story was really good keep writing as good as you did in the story.

  2. You made a very nice story to us.

  3. YOU HAVE joyllstory

  4. i just whanted to say that was a really good story.

  5. The story was scare.And it was exiting to.

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