Creating a Model of a Fossil

We created a model of a fossil in a class demonstration.

  1. We warmed the clay by rolling it in our hands
  2. We put petroleum jelly on the shell to keep it from sticking
  3. The shell was pushed into the clay
  4. The shell was gently pulled out keeping as much of the shape as possible
  5. Ms. Herbert mixed the Plaster of Paris and poured it into the clay molds
  6. We had to let it sit for a while and harden
  7. The clay was gently pulled off

In the comments below, explain how the formation of this model is different from formation of a real fossil. Sign the entry with your pseudonym (pen name).

Three small ammonite fossils, each approximate...
Image via Wikipedia
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13 responses to “Creating a Model of a Fossil

  1. The modol fossil is differnt from the real fossil beacase the real fossil is a home of a living thing in prehistoric times.

  2. The modol fossil is diffrent from the real fossil . The real fossil was a home of a living thing . The modol fossil is a replica of a real fossil.

  3. It’s diffrent because the modol fossil is made out of clay and the real fossil is not.

  4. A real fossil is made from animals and the diffrent way was the model of the fossil we made is made out of clay and we used petromium jelly and a seashell it was a great learning exspeirence.

  5. The modeol fossil is defrent from the real fossil. The real fossil is defrent because the fossil is a real fossil that is once a real living thing but the modeol is just made out of clay

  6. A real fossil is not made of plaster of paris.

  7. it tack one day to make a tack millions of year for a fossil to form.

  8. awsome fossil you all did a love it so much i like how you used plaster of paris


  10. coolboydragonlord

    A real fossil is diffrent from a model of a fossil because it is white and they used glay and plast of peris and they used something else for the real thing I dont know but they used somethig else

  11. number 1 halo fan

    The modol fossil is harder and also is rough and the real fossil is fragil.

  12. i loved the way we made fossils that was a graet experiment.

  13. Great comments. Keep up the good work.

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