Science Activity 1


Wordle: adjectives

Trip to Mars

The four hemispheric views shown above have be...
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As I got  ready to leave for Mars my mom ,Adrienne, Libby, Mina, and me packed clothes ,extra food ,pillows , blankets so we can  eat and sleep. We even have to wear clothes under our space suites. We go get the spaceship and we head of to Mars.

When  we  landed  on Mars we put on our space suites on, it was fun  because  we started floating around .When  I looked  behind a rock and I saw a alien, it looked sad .

I walked up to it and I said” what’s the matter.

She said” nothing I just don’t have anyone to play with.

I said “I’ll Play with you. So we started to play hide and seek, I was it and she went to go hide I got to find her and I asked her “what’s the name.”

She said” my name is Eliza.”

She asked me “What is your name?”

I said “my name is Tori .It was nice meeting you “

My mom called me in to eat and for me to go play outside if I still wanted to, so I did. Whenever I didn’t want to play anymore so we left and we got home I told my dad and my brothers all about it .I really had fun.

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Girlsinblue Floating down the river

Alcoholic Killer Whale
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Floating down the river

As we drove down the dirt road we heard our friends calling us they were all laughing very hard. As my mom, my dad, my brother and I got out of our car we were all walking down the dirt path and all of the sudden everybody steps in a big hole, of course it was fun to us so when we fell we all started laughing. So we got in our canoe until we got to the middle of the river and the canoe started to tip then the whole canoe tipped. In the distance far away I saw a killer whale.

The whale started swimming near, it came up out of the water right in front of me, the killer whale let me touch him, the whales skin was smooth.

Then I started acting like a girly-girl, then everybody laughed. When I say laughed I mean laughed LOUDLY, really loud. At first we were all swimming in short and tanktops. So we get out of the water and put our swimsuits on and go farther out into the water. The middle was really deep.

After a while we sat around the campfire we roasted marshmallows, ate chocolate. And of course we fell asleep for 2 hours.

When we all woke up 30 minutes after we woke up I requested that we go swimming. Everybody said, ”Let’s go.”

My mom and I made up a saying “The farther you go the more fun it gets.” But that is our opinion. To us going out deep is really fun. Except when your foot gets tangled up in seaweed. That Is not very fun. My mom and I like water creatures  like scorpions, crabs and different kinds of little fishes.

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Penguin Girl Trip to Mars

Mars & Phobos [1680x1050]
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PENGUINGIRL                                                                                   November                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mars

As I got ready to leave for Mars my friends and I got ready to leave to go to the spaceship. When we got on the spaceship and was going around space we finally landed, but when we saw that it was plain we freaked out.

My friend Taylor was scared because it was just plain, she freaked out, but my other friend Hannah was dizzy going in circles, but then Hannah and I weren’t even scared. Hannah stopped spinning I stopped everything too.

There it was an alien. It was red and black it had emotions all over it’s body. We screamed and got scared a lot, I ran to the spaceship and checked the alien spray but it wasn’t there so I yelled to my friends to come on and go home.

So we ran and left to go home.

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Falling Down the Red River

Tambo River
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Sworddancer                                                                                                                                                  November

Falling Down the Red River

We were floating down the Red river, we all started to fall. This will be our last thing we ever see because we were falling 50 yards high! The river’s waves were huge. We were all getting wet. We were falling so fast like we couldn’t control our-self’s.

We were panicking because the rocks were ragged and razor. If we don’t slow down and won’t a little below the ground, the Red River is going to be our grave!

My class and I were falling faster than ever. We were running out of time.

Suddenly our parents saw us falling. There tall trees and the branches are too. I found some strong rope in my backpack. I said, “Everybody hold hands or else if you don’t this will get ugly”.

Everybody quickly hold hands. I got my rope and try to rap it on the branch, but we were falling to fast. 30 yards left. I threw the rope, and it caught the branch.

We were too heavy for the branch, and it snapped! We were falling again! 20 yards to go. Suddenly at 5 yards to go, a gust of wind blew us toward the ground, and landed on the ground safely.

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